What do you do?

People who just talk at you, and you find something you want to add to the conversation, you begin to say it, but they continue talking over you.

Sunday Odds and Ends

Those who were often viewed with contempt by society are those whom Jesus tells his followers to care for and value.

Friday’s Funny Bone

There were two carrots walking down the road, a big carrot and a little carrot. On the other side of the road they see their friend cabbage in his cabbage patch.

Sunday Odds and Ends 

So proud of my sweet new addition to the Parker Farms. Samson a 4 month old Nubian/Alpine crossed buck. Can’t wait to see the beautiful kids he will make this winter. ​ ​ Each sunny day upon my way A goat I pass; He has a beard of silver grey, A bell of brass. And…

Those who know you..

 I came across this quote as I was preparing for my Sunday morning lesson. Very thought provoking. 

I’m just so tired….what can I do?

Ever been so tired that you just can’t move? So much so, that the act of breathing is almost more than you can bare? How do you go on? What do you do?