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Le-vel Thrive – 3 Simple Steps


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If you would like to learn more about the packages and ordering information for the Thrive experience you can view the products easily through this link! The Thrive Experience has been such a life changer for me and my family. I love how simple it is, only 3 steps in the morning that is it! So super easy and we noticed a difference the first day or we say day ones haha! www. maparker.le-vel.com


Customer and Promoter Ordering Information!

When ordering the Thrive Experience I always suggest the 3 steps so you get the full Thrive Experience. The Thrive Experience is the Capsules, Lifestyle Mix, and DFT.  We have multiple packages depending on what your looking for. I usually suggest for those starting out the Lifestyle Pack Plus DFT. This package is meant to do Capsules and DFT everyday and then the lifestyle mix 4 days on 3 days off. We do have many that like to do the lifestyle mix everyday and so we have that option with the Tone Package however starting off I think the Lifestyle Pack plus DFT is a great option. If you are looking to do it as a couple we also have a couples pack! The pricing options are different depending on how you order. The autoship price is the cheaper price and you can always pause, change, cancel, ect. prior to it shipping out again if you needed to. But at least you would get that lower cost right away. We also do have a refer two get your free for customers which I can explain that more when your ready or after you get started!
This link takes you right to the customer ordering page where you can view the packages and individual product options!

**If you are looking to join as a promoter you can still create a free promoter account from the above link. You would just create your account after clicking the link above on the top it says Promoter there is where you would fill out the promoter info and then you can log in to your cloud back office right away. It is free to join as a promoter and they do not ask for any credit card info when you sign up for your free promoter account!

thriveSteps to Experience Thrive! 
Follow this link : http://www.maparker.le-vel.com 
On the top right you can make a free account! Either click customer or promoter then sign up for free as a customer or a promoter. It is quick and easy!  If you join for free as a promoter you will be able to log in to your back office right away and see all the news and updates your team updates and all that fun stuff.
Your username will be your website referral link so after making a free promoter account you will have your website right away. Customers and Promoters can earn their Thrive product for free every month by referring two which I can explain that more to you after you sign up!

If you order as a customer you can log in and see the different packages and view the products. If you join as a promoter you will log in to you cloud office and you will see the back office home page. Lots of good info and updates and your team information will be there as you start to share Thrive with others.  On the left hand side of the screen you will see a button that says ‘My Orders’. If you click on that and then click place an order it will take you to order page. From there you can see the package options and additional product options as well. If you click plus 1 for the starter package for instance on the next screen it will ask you to choose your options. Mens or Womens,  Or some packages you can get one of each, ect. If you have any questions please email me! sweetwolf6@yahoo.com or complete free, no obligation account at www.maparker.le-vel.com

THE DELIVERY SYSTEM: Le-Vel is proud to present another innovation in nutritional supplementation and an exciting addition to the Thrive Plus product line – Sequential Gel Technology. The SGT delivery system was designed to immediately start absorbing as it enters and remains in the mouth and to be further absorbed as it enters the digestive tract and stomach. These Sequential steps are designed to improve the nutritional uptake and increase the absorption rate of our SGT formulas. With absorption playing such a crucial role in nutritional supplementation, Le-Vel is proud to offer Sequential Gel Technology to anyone aspiring for greater health and wellness.


The newest addition SGT Form:

THE FORMULA: FORM is the latest addition to Le-Vel’s Sequential Gel Technology line. More importantly, it’s the latest discovery for the human body and human nutrition. Combining our proprietary Hydrolyzed Collagen Protein with our proprietary delivery system – Sequential Gel Technology – FORM is the world’s only Sequentially absorbed Collagen Protein.

Collagen is the second most common substance found in the human body, the first being water. It’s estimated that one third of all protein in the body is collagen protein. Collagen is the foundation for strong connective tissues. Aging causes collagen protein to break down, weakening the connective tissues. Not only does the collagen break down but the body loses its ability to produce more. It’s believed that this process begins around the age of twenty. Our premium grade hydrolyzed collagen protein peptides are designed to help the body repair itself by introducing collagen protein into the body, allowing the body to repair, to rebuild, to FORM. This breakthrough discovery of collagen protein, combined with a sequential delivery system allowing you to truly maximize absorption, has made FORM the hybrid product of the decade. Le-Vel is proud to bring to market this true nutritional innovation, the world’s only sequentially absorbed hydrolyzed collagen protein gel, FORM.

THRIVE Plus – Pure Premium Lifestyle Shot

imagesA product so cool and so fun, everyone will want it… Introducing PURE.
THRIVE PURE is a premium lifestyle shot designed to take your health and fitness goals to a pure level. PURE is an ultra premium vitamin and amino acid supplement, formulated to assist your busy and fast-paced lifestyle. A portable, proprietary blend of vitamins, nutrients, amino acids and more, makes PURE a perfect solution for anyone wanting to support a healthy, premium lifestyle – not to mention its delicious cherry limeade flavor! Your friends will adore it, your body will love it. Consider adding PURE to your THRIVE 8 Week Experience to achieve the pure lifestyle and perform on a premium level daily. The newest addition to the Thrive Plus line is here, the newest addition to the Thrive Experience is PURE.

sweetwolf6@yahoo.com or complete free, no obligation account at www.maparker.le-vel.com

Completely free account; no one will hassle you. Come join the fastest growing company of our century.