Sunday Odds and Ends

Oh God refresh my soul
I feel so alone and lost
So suffocated by my sorrows

I want to get on my knees and pray

But these tears are blinding me

There is a hole in my heart…

Only you Lord can fill

Oh Lord refresh my soul

I know I am a sinner but I come 

before you to cleanse my heart

Do not let my enemies overcome me

Do not let me fall into the devil’s trap

Protect me Lord; without you my 

ways are lost. Be the engineer of my life

Oh Lord refresh my soul
I am broken and my heart is heavy
Mend me Lord with your love

I cry to you father to refresh my soul

This weight is too much on my small 


Forgive me for my countless sins
Although I don’t deserve your 

forgiveness but Lord find it in your 

heart to discharge a blessing my 


 I am lost without you.

All that I am begging for is for you 

Lord to visit my soul again and 

refresh it.

Written by Tawona M Ranganawa


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