Sunday Odds and Ends 

So proud of my sweet new addition to the Parker Farms. Samson a 4 month old Nubian/Alpine crossed buck. Can’t wait to see the beautiful kids he will make this winter. ​

Each sunny day upon my way

A goat I pass;

He has a beard of silver grey,

A bell of brass.

And all the while I am in sight

He seems to muse,

And stares at me with all his might

And chews and chews.

Upon the hill so thymy sweet

With joy of Spring,

He hails me with a tiny bleat

Of welcoming.

Though half the globe is drenched with blood

And cities flare,

Contentedly he chews the cud

And does not care.

Oh gentle friend, I know not what

Your age may be,

But of my years I’d give the lot

Yet left to me,

To chew a thistle and not choke,

But bright of eye

Gaze at the old world-weary bloke

Who hobbles by.
Alas! though bards make verse sublime,

And lines to quote,

It takes a fool like me to rhyme

About a goat. 

Robert William Service


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