For Goodness Sakes! Where are the eggs?

For several weeks now I have checked for eggs and have found maybe 2 or 3 laid in the boxes. . I have 15 hens, so where are my eggs?


I have several chickens that know how to escape from the chicken yard. I have not been able to find where they are laying their eggs. So this past Sunday, My husband and I were looking at some of our flower beds. They desperately needed to be cleaned of dead plants and grasses. And as I started pulling some plants something caught my eye. Behind my hydrangea bush them boogers had laid a month’s worth of eggs. Finally, the mystery had been solved.


I must have counted over 25 eggs laid by 2 hens that kept escaping the hen-house. Of course that was not the only egg site. Always the opportunists, we found one more site that I would have never found up in the pump house where we used to put up our hay.


So glad I found the eggs because I was about to eat a bunch of chickens.




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