No, you did NOT just do that in public!!


A long time ago, in a far away place, there lived a little girl who was so sweet and prissy….Nope not her. I had a little girl who was very much a tomboy and loved to fish. Now, what I am about to tell you will live on forever in our family tales.


Back in the late 90’s, I worked for a company that made specialized lenses, mostly for microscopes and large laser type machines, (Not eyewear) and my husband was a self-employed outboard motor mechanic, who worked several buildings down from me.

It was a warm summer day, and I had just gotten off work. I drove the short distance to my husband’s shop, parked on the side and walked around to the front of the shops garage. I almost can’t explain what I saw! I was in such shock, that even to this day it brings chills to my spine.


My husbands garage faced an intersection of a very busy highway. The traffic was at a stop waiting for the light to change. So in reality, the drivers of the vehicles had plenty of time to look around and browse their surroundings and plenty of time to see what I was seeing on that warm Saturday afternoon.

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cars at intersection

The one minute it took for me to walk around the front of the garage, was all it took for my sweet, tomboy little girl, to squat down and take a poop in front of all those people at the intersection. I stood speechless and completely in shock that my husband would let her do this let alone be laughing hysterically at my face. In fact, he, my daughter, and my oldest son, were dying with laughter and pointing at me. All I could do was stare in mortification with tears coming down my face.


You see my little family had loads of time to brainstorm ideas on how to prank me. So in all their brilliance, they remembered we had playdoh and that if you mix them all together you get a yucky brown color, and that if you squat down, with your back to people it looks like  you are taking a dump. Well that is exactly what they did and everyone that drove by that day saw the same thing I did. My sweet little tomboy taking a dump right in front of God and Country.



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  1. Superb post.Ne’er knew this, thanks for letting me know.


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