My mom, a great stand up gal!

My mom had a great sense of humor and a knack for making everything fun. One thing that resonated with me, even as a small child, was how much she seemed to enjoy her own company and found ways to entertain herself.


As a kid, I remember her giggling while paying bills. What was so funny about bill paying? She would put humorous notes in the reference section of the check: For the electric bill, she might put “You light up my life,” and for the mortgage she’d write “Four shingles closer to owning it all.” In the kitchen she would sing “You Light Up my Life….” to the stove.  What’s more, is my brother and I would come home from school to find her dancing ‘the twist’ or the ‘mash potato’ to her favorite 50’s music.


 I always told myself if and when I had children I wanted to be like my mom….


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My children are now grown and moving on through life. One is about to get married this summer, one just gave me my first grandchild and my last, but not least, is still working his way through High School.  I look back at their childhood and pray, I at least, instilled some fun in their lives and that they will carry on with what my mom started in me.  What do you think? Did I pass on some silliness?


My mom is now a bit older and does not get around like she used to, but the fun of life has not left her eyes yet!! She is always ready for a game and still loves to sing about everything.


Definitely, something my mom would do!!

fun meme


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